What are our recommendations based on?

Issues like death and disability, job and retirement security, health, and safety on the job are crucial to firefighters.

Learn more about these important issues we’re fighting for.

Death and Disability

Firefighting is a dangerous profession, and a growing body of research and data shows that firefighters are at an increased risk for different types of chronic illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease.

Safety on the Job

The modern firefighter is an all-hazard responder who is frequently called upon to be the first line of defense to a broad range of emergencies. Firefighters can be called at a moment’s notice to respond to emergencies across the County, State, or Country.


Working as a firefighter is a dangerous, physically and technically demanding career that is not comparable to most 9 to 5 jobs with a 40-hour work week. Therefore the retirement system can’t be directly compared to typical pension plans and 401K accounts.

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