Firefighters Support
Marni von Wilpert for City Council


Marni von Wilpert has the fresh, people-first approach San Diego needs to put public safety ahead of politics, improve emergency response times, and get serious about protecting against wildfires. Marni is a problem solver putting progress ahead of today’s divisive, angry politics. She will reform the City’s homeless policies and make sure we’re focusing on evidence-based solutions.

As a Scripps Ranch native, Marni understands the devastating power of wildfires. Her neighborhood was destroyed by a wildfire in 2003, and another terrible fire hit her district in 2007. She will work alongside firefighters to keep our communities safe. Marni cares about our wellbeing and has been fighting for real change all around the world. As a Deputy City Attorney, she has a strong track record serving San Diegans and we’re confident she will improve the quality of life for all San Diegans. 

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