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Todd Gloria for Mayor


Assemblymember Todd Gloria has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to public safety and has consistently stood with first responders, their families, and our communities.

He understands that first responders need to be a part of the solution when addressing our homelessness crisis. Assemblymember Gloria co-authored Assembly Bill 1544 that would authorize local EMS agencies to develop community paramedicine programs.

Some individuals suffering homelessness use 911 as their only mechanism for help. Community paramedicine programs have proven to be successful in providing homeless individuals more coordinated long-term services and decreasing the number of non-emergency cases that emergency services are called to respond to.

This gets people the true help that they need, decreases unnecessary expenses, eliminates additional strain on personnel, and prevents delays responding to other emergencies. In a forward-thinking effort, the City of San Diego implemented a community paramedicine program in 2010. 

Assemblymember Gloria as the Interim Mayor of San Diego championed the program in the 2014 San Diego budget. 

Overall, this program had significant and measurable success providing frequent 911 callers individualized care that reduced their reliance on emergency room visits and reduced 911 calls by over 70% among those previously identified as mega-users.

Annually, the program resulted in 325 fewer emergency room transports. This saved taxpayers over half a million dollars per year. 

Despite its success, this program still does not have the permanence or staffing to fully achieve the benefits possible in our communities.

Todd Gloria understands that emergency medical service delivery must change and adapt to meet the changing needs of modern society. That’s why he supports developing community paramedicine programs, distributing public safety resources equitably throughout the city, improving response times, and ensuring our rescue personnel are highly qualified. 

With his track record and experience, we are confident that Assemblymember Todd Gloria will make public safety and our first responders a priority.

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